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    and a man poured Three state cars

      and a man poured

    against my just authority, exerted for your benefit and

    meeting him affected me

    promising young scholar Mr Dick is wild with joy, and my aunt

    red-hot sparks that went careering up the little chimney, and

    succession of facers to them; there have been times when they

    original remained a child Although her face was quite bright and

    her, but I felt that nature had given him the soul of a gentleman—

    would be happy to see you’ What could I do but invoke a silent

    ‘I will have a respectful, prompt, and ready bearing towards

    shook her head when only I observed her

    Julia with him; and Julia went into the country to take leave of her

    from her long attachment to her work-box, became a rival of the

    I obliged myself to say that I was glad he had made his apology

    along, that I might find my way back, easily, in the morning

    David Copperfield

    ‘More than a mile off, Mr Tiffey,’ interposed a junior

    ‘It was never bewitching,’ she said, laughing ‘It never could

    Making the same low, dreary, wretched moaning in her shawl, she

    whisper, but she would not hear a word

    not be oppressed by the receipt of favours, Miss Trotwood You

    the tree I knew so well I stood upon a chair when I was left alone,

    children, and I stood in the road looking wistfully at them, a mist

    my pupilage He had his old companions about him, too; for there

    Annie, thus addressed, made no reply

    clasped hands, the agony of his figure, remain associated with the

    David Copperfield

    Creakle’s boys’ heads after a beating—and his grey eyes

    feeling in the bag with her head on one side and her eye in the air

    thought even then, and I have no doubt now, that the


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